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Scam artists!!! I hired CED Development in November of 2013 for a simple 3-4 day fence project that still isn't finished. This was a horrible experience that consisted from excuses galore, to credit card fraud. I do not recommend the use of their services. Period!!!

I don't really know where to begin, so here goes. When Tony Pinzine, owner of CED Development arrived at my house he assured me that he would get the job done in a timely manner, that he knew what he was doing because he'd been doing it for many years. I believed him until I saw the first few posts set. They were so far from being straight that I made him pull them out after they had already been set in concrete. Then came the part where he said that I didn't need a building permit, because my town doesn't have a building inspector and the county wouldn't find out. Well, they did after I fired him... Shocker.

Now the fun begins. Even though it was November and I'm in Michigan, There was ample time to finish this project. I mean the ground wasn't even frozen yet. But after I paid a partial amount of the contracted amount, he became invisible. Always giving me excuses for not coming out and working. " Our truck broke down", "There's to much snow", Tony said that he drove to my house, 25 minutes away. He told me that there was 7 inches of snow at my house. I have pictures and text messages stating and showing that I spent time shoveling the 3 inches of snow around the 200ft perimeter and he still never showed up. "We drank to much last night", "It's to cold out my compressor will explode". It's ironic that he had hand nails sitting outside next to my deck. Not to mention I started to finish the fence with my 65 year old father when it was 10 degrees outside in mid December and I had no problem at all. I also own a business where I use a compressor outside all year long, and have never had a problem except for my air tools freezing up once in a while.

I also have pictures of his horrible workmanship. From crooked posts, to 11+ foot spans between posts, which anyone that knows anything about building knows that a span that great in any fence will eventually start to sag. Not to mention he left mounds of dirt all over the place, it was a mess. After I fired him I found out that the partial payment "Credit Card" that he insisted he needed for materials was used to rent a van (for personal use), and pay of most of his debt to the rental company. He told me that this was the only way he could accept a credit card because he didn't have a merchant. This probably explains why he kept giving me the run around, he didn't have any money to finish the fence. I have a letter, addressed to my credit card company after I tried to dispute the charge.


Monetary Loss: $1600.



1) Never do business with someone who won't take credit cards

2) Always check to make sure a person is licensed, you can check your county records online.

3) Never pay for something before it's completed. You pay as you go.

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Lessons learned.

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